20-02 Ent. playlist 1-12-18 thru 1-22-18

I been slacking but I’m still bringing you the best of that indie hip hop I get and find. Please! Please! Please! Email me your submissions it’s the guaranteed way that I will listen to your music. Inboxes, DMs, and tweets get moved out of my timeline. I would like to point your attention on Rob Fresh dude is nice and is willing to work with new talent from anywhere, I’m telling you get a feature while you can, I know what I’m telling you (he’s on twitter as @followmyfresh) . Get one from Cipherella too (@IamCipherella), this lady is ill too and she ain’t asking to be let in boys, she kicking and swinging on dudes lyrically she got a punch yo. Everyone one on this list is on here because you’re good, you just didn’t know it yet. Now you know (I kill myself) no but seriously find or remember what made you feel the energy and passion put into the music I’m playing tonight and do it again. Peace and remember to #blastoffwithJoedaAstronaut, Mondays and Fridays at 5 pm EST thru raponair.com and Saturdays at 1 pm EST thru E100Jamz.com, I got the world covered. (I’ll load the podcast later)

Joe da Astronaut- Intro

Skully – The World is Going Crazy(Norristown PA)

Ludan- De Caprio(Juarez, MX)


Darnell Williams – Porno (feat. Elohim)(Detroit to L.A.)

Gho$t – El coyote(SPM tribute)(prod False Ego)(Juarez, MX)

Curci- Level Up ft. Chuuwee(California)

Lando Chill- FCK w ME(Tucson)

JamelThomas- She’s Here(Toronto)

Moisés No Duerme- QUE VUELVAS YA(Raperos de Emaús)(Spain)

Aabo- almost doesn’t count(San Francisco)

Danakil x ONDUBGROUND – Parisian Dub feat. Patrice [France]

Witchitaw Slim- Limitless (prod. by Kris Island)(Selma)
Lafa Taylor – Come Over(Oakland)

Cipherella- Moments (prod. by Mira-Cal)(NYC)

CAIN – LIFE(Chicago)

Cxnshus- Deadman Wonderland(Baltimore)
7 da Pantha- Lets Discuss It(LexZyne Prods)(NC)


Bklyn- intro(Brooklyn)

SURA – Neura[Spain]

Chevyllac feat. Clay James – Munchies

Cipherella- DUMB DUMB(NYC)

Pino  Lisane _ Mi negra con Hades( Prod. Lisane)(Spain)

Fendi Frost- On TV(Chicago)

Seih x Pekeño – Ley de vida ( Prod by BeatUpBeats)(Spain)

A1 – Rollin (Nipsey Hussle Remix)(Brooklyn)

Grieves – A-Okay (Seattle)

Rob Fresh- Rap Niggaz (remix)(Brooklyn)

FreDDc.- Y aH i K N o W (PROD BY. Cory D.)(Kentucky)

Rob Fresh- I Get The Bag (remix)(Brooklyn)

FreDDc. – L o c o (prod. by Cory D.)(Kentucky)

Rob Fresh- Robin Hood (remix)(Brooklyn)

FreDDc.- T oo l e g i t (prod by. Cory D.)(Kentucky)

J Lately- I Be Living Ft. Demrick  Khyenci Tienne [prod. Tha Shipmates](Sebastopol, CA)

Alexis Troy – Dread Tape(Germany)

Albums/LPs/EPs I’ve enjoyed these past 2 weeks