20-02 Ent. playlist 12-1-17 thru 12-11-17

I have such a dope podcast/show for you these 2 weeks that I feel like its gonna be awhile before I can reproduce this again. I want you guys to retweet it, share, and repost as much as possible, the content of this show is nothing but fire!! Tune in at 5 pm EST thru the website or the radio app that can be downloaded from Google Play. Don’t forget to check out the dope albums, LPs, and EPs below the playlist. Great music from all over the world, the only podcast of its kind, where we play what is gonna move you and hook you. Remember to blast off with Joe da Astronaut, I make stars shine!!

Joe da Astronaut Intro
Chris Prythm- My Love (beat)(Virginia)

Alexis Troy – Dread Tape(Germany)(1st part of mix)

Endemic Emerald-Grecian Maylay Ft.Sifu VERSUSEversorBuffalo BillObnoxious KasMega WhatLord Mess(Athens, Greece)

L.I.F.T.- DEAD KID$(San Diego)

Lovel- Ándale (prod. by Lee Al-Taquan)(Harlem)

Gho$t- Fly By(beat by IGNORVNCE)(Juarez)

JamelThomas- This Fall(Toronto)

Alexis Troy – Dread Tape(Germany)(continued part 2)

Obnoxious Kas – Our day will come(Greece)

T2 Ghetto Hippie x Dizzy Wright – Feel Alive (Trakksounds)(Houston)

DeVanteMyles- What it Look Like(Brooklyn)
GDot & Born- Shes so Perfect (Boston)

Amiah – Supafaded Ft A-way (Prod. by LAWBEATZ)(Chicago)

Alexis Troy – Dread Tape(Germany)(continued part 3)

Brandon Tory- They Want Me To Win feat. 24hrs(ATL-LA)

Cliff Herman- About It ft. Young Nige Chaplyn(Vancouver)

Aha Gazelle – Boot Camp (feat. Tony Richard and Starringo)(New Orleans)

Tutti 911- Love You(Bridgeport)

Kyle Bent- The Higher Power(Randolph, MA)

Curci- Whats Going On (Ft. Collins)

Naya Ali – Bodak Yellow (Freestyle)(Montreal)

Mad Squablz- Ill Fly Away(Philly)

Kyle Bent – Deserve (ft. Joyner Lucas)(Randolph, MA)

D. West – Let It All Work Out (Prod By. Gold Haze)(New York)

Curci- Hero 4 Hire Freestyle (Ft. Collins)

Tutti 911 – Lies(prod. by General Beats)(Bridgeport)

D. West – No Hooks Needed (Prod. By Papamitrou)(New York)

Tutti 911- Everything I know(Bridgeport)

Marc Haize- Nightfall(Houston)

Rich The Kid – New Freezer ft. Kendrick Lamar(Queens & Compton)

EARTHGANG – Meditate ft. J.I.D(ATL)

Albums/ LPs/ EPs that I RECOMMEND you listen to!!!