20-02 Ent. playlist 3-16-18 thru 3-26-18

Two more weeks of dope music curated by me your friendly radio DJ, Joe da Astronaut. I think that on this podcast I have more of that old school flavor, not because I’m biased but because it was what I found to be better than most of the submissions being sent in. If you have a PR firm representing you keep in mind that they don’t care about you or your career all the they care about is their pockets. To them you are a paycheck and nothing else. Try to find people who see your vision the way you do, that will add to the creative process, instead of just being a yes man. I love music, I love rap music the most, I find dope raw talent through many outlets, I will work with you as you want to be presented, even share advice and give you ideas because I want you to succeed. I don’t get paid for this, I do this because I LOVE rap, nothing can change that. I think that money waters down passion and changes an artists goals. With that being said, let me present you with the following 2 weeks playlist, standout new artists are; Slator Blacc, Ravioli Makers, Grieves (to me he’s new), Golda, Ryan Xavier, Clyde Black, & Ron Beatty. I’m not saying the rest weren’t good, some of them I played before, so they’re not new, & others are good but didn’t make me feel like «wow». Just my opinion doesn’t mean I’m right. Anyhow tune in every Friday & Monday for the next 2 weeks right here on raponair.com 5 pm EST, tell your friends, family, and anyone you may know that we do rap music right. On Saturdays on E100Jamz.com at 1 pm EST, I got you covered. Remember #blastoffwithJoedaAstronaut!!!

Joe da Astronaut Intro
Core Rex- its this 1 thing(Chicago)

Forest- 4pm In Koreatown (Freestyle)(California)

OG Dope Crew- Connect(NYC)

Tha God Fahim x EyeDee- A Step Up (Prod EyeDee)(L.A.)

BluntIQ- Narcoleptic Love(Prod. By Ghost Mcgrady)(NYC)

Ravioli Makers – Simple (prod. RM)(Spain)

Ryan Xavier- LOVE LIFE – long journey x .rael(prod. by ryanxavier)(Lynwood & Lakewood)

Johny Lue – Fuckin Right

Lord Juco- Trust People Ft. Crimeapple [Prod. By JMB]

Forest- Black Buddha(California)

Ravioli Makers – Cisne Negro (prod. RM)(Spain)

Stoneface ft Sadat X- Street Tablets(Prod by BP)()

Juelz White – Hollow Tips (feat Conway and Planet Asia)

Golda- Villain

Invincible Mask- Highs  Lows(Kyo Itachi  Tha Soloist)

Ravioli Makers – Ideas Claras (prod. RM)(Spain)

Hanz- Indifference(Oslo, Norway)

Malicious ft. Dana Coppafeel – No Regrets

Theosyn – Vibe$$$

Mike Melinoe- Shine Ft Airospace(Prod. By Bukneu)(Detroit)

Sofasound- Times Everlasting Dance(Port St. Lucie, FL)

Svnty6- GentlemanRap(Intro)
PLANET ASIA- Hood Legends (prod. by izznyce feat. cuts by The Architect)

Asante Scatterbrain- Trading War Stories Scatterbrain x Tre Johnson(Chicago)

Clyde Black- Daily Dose Of Eat Shit (Prod. False Ego)

Odali- Half Man Half Amazing (prod. LCamino x LGHTHD)(Queens)

Slator Blacc- Odyssey (Feat. Lank$)(Prod. Lowkey Damian)(Phoenix)

Ron Beatty – Iron (ATL)

Slator Blacc- Mr. CulpritLil Big Ghaudy(Prod. Apetight)(Phoenix)

Ron Beatty – Infinity (ATL)

Grieves – What It Dew

Ron Beatty – Visuals feat. Chris Millz (ATL)

Grieves – Back At Em

Kyle Bent – Profound

LylesRaps- five 0 (prod. aamon)(Moval)
Safa Gaw- Rasta Man [Prod. Ryan Scott](Belize & Bronx)

LylesRaps- virgin thoughts (prod. outkast)(Moval)
LylesRaps- purpose (prod. j cole)(Moval)

Albums, LPs, EPs I recommend for the next 2 weeks