20-02 Ent. playlist 3-2-18 thru 3-12-18

I took a month off to enjoy the peace but I really missed this bustle of going through new music & hopefully helping the next great rapper be discovered. I’m fresh, clean, music machine, I have some great for these next 2 weeks. Everybody on the list can hold their own in the distinct sub-genre of rap they like to put out. A few notables, as always the homie Rob Fresh gets mad love check out his entire catalog of music. Another rapper to take notice of is LylesRaps dude has very dope music and pays homage to OutKast on «Virgin thoughts», love it so much I had to peep more of his music and overall the man is very talented.  Ray Page also caught my attention that I had to push 3 of his joints. Safa Gaw, Massiah, Koolleo Love, Shareef Keyes, N.Sief, all distinct in their own way as well as all of the rest of the playlist. Some of these cats have been on some of my other playlists before, so they’re not newbies, but veterans. Remember the show is up for the next 2 Fridays and following Mondays at 5 pm EST through the website Raponair.com, with the next 2 Saturdays thru E100Jamz.com at 1 pm EST, so tune in tell your family, friends, neighbors to #blastoffwithJoedaAstronaut. Remember help me help you by sharing & retweeting my posts, PEACE!

P.S. Check out the albums at the bottom I been rocking for the last 2 weeks, too.

Joe da Astronaut Intro
Nor’Von Thomas- Sample Challenge 18 NV Thomas Entry

OHNO – How It Feel(Cali)
Phil Jenius- Dream World(DMV)

Kenny Orlando – All Night ft. DEFFSOUND Ant Pablo[Prod. By Okaminokami](NYC)

Dezzy Hollow – Slip N Slide (Oceanside)


Hi$e Cold- Like That feat. Kay B Brown Keith Austin(Tennessee)

Timid- Whos To Blame ft. Q-Unique(NYC)

Stoop Kid- isitwrong [wild]

By Any Means- Dont Push Me H Ft. King Bunds

Qu’ality- Wishlist ft. Kris Kasanova (Prod. QuBurr Gooding)

The Council – Council Arts (Kingston)

Imperial- Know the Call (feat. Sareem Poems Sojourn)

NOVATO MASSIVE prod. BARBASS Minimalist Chronic Ting

Ray Page – Charlie(Michigan)

My’Key Iso- Blessings(Houston)

Ray Page – Keep It Real(Michigan)

Rob Fresh x Sire Phatz- Yeah Yeah(NYC & Houston)

Nomis- Heart Headed(ft. Sintax)(Oceanside)

Nay Steez x Rye Mann – Hokie Poke(California)

Ray Page – Angel(Michigan)

N.Sief- How more direct can I get(Berkeley)

LylesRaps- two dollar advice (prod. juno adonis)(Moval)
J.Lately – On It(Sebastopol, CA)

Rob Fre$h- Sauce It Up(NYC)

LylesRaps- the art of peer pressure (Moval)
Shareef Keyes(The Groove)- Spaghetti ft. Ghostface Killah

Koolleo Love- Whyd This Happen (feat. Izzy Fontaine x Khalil IIvrsn)(LA)

LylesRaps- purpose (prod. j cole)(Moval)
Rob Fresh- Roll In Peace(NYC)

Massiah- Stand (Prod. by Ray Mosaic)
LylesRaps- five 0 (prod. aamon)(Moval)
LylesRaps- virgin thoughts (prod. outkast)(Moval)
Safa Gaw- Rasta Man [Prod. Ryan Scott](Belize & Bronx)

Kelechi- Bang With Us(ATL)

Album, LPs, EPs I’m rocking these last 2 weeks




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