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Banner 20 ENT nuevo 2017

Banner 20 ENT nuevo 2017

20-02 Ent. Radio playlist 5-25-18 thru 6-4-18

20-02 Ent.

Here I am with another 2 weeks of dope music for you to enjoy and to share with everyone you know. I am also a contributing writer on thewrapupmagazine.com so every once in awhile I’ll be dropping a review on an album over there so you can catch me.

I’m also the radio director for E100Jamz which can be heard through http://radiomga.com/chat-room/, catch my show and some of the dope songs I find as I put them into rotation. This bi-weekly show I bring you some female MC’s who deserve more support from us, I was surprised by Veronica Cooper and she did her thing, really enjoyed the song. We have Lena Jackson, Gifted Gab & Blimes Brixton, and of course now a regular T Barz.

I also brought you some new talent from everywhere, even from church, Pat Pat I really like that voice and it stands out. Dom 2 Timez has about 5 songs cuz he came with the energy I need to keep you guys awake & tuned in, I changed your name Dom on my mixcloud tracklist because if I didn’t, it wouldn’t get played in the US.  Some other new comers are HG Locks, Whipsers, VXMOB, Sleep Sinatra, Elijah Jaron, B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher, Chore Boy, Ras Beats, Fraser, Sumit, Bass Thompson, FutureWave, SIIMBA LIIVES LONG.

I also added some veterans to my show like Chris Rivers, Joell Ortiz, Malachi, Rob Fresh, Nomad Carlos, Moisés No Duerme. I always try to add a producer/DJ as well so we can a balanced show, hip hop is not just about the MC, I have AXLSD on here because his remix  of «Flashing Lights» is too good to be left out and needs more plays, so peep that at the opening of the show.

I continue to go through all my emails and get to the material sent in, please be patient and know that if your music is dope, you definitely have a spot on here. Some MC’s will get a pass because of their track record, they’re so good I know I can w/o a doubt add them. If you catch any emails from any of the places I’m on and you want me to check it out just add my name on the subject line «Joe da Astronaut review» I got you. The show comes out Mondays & Fridays at 5 pm EST thru raponair.com, Saturdays at 10 pm EST through E100Jamz, link is http://radiomga.com/chat-room/ I’m the last station if you scroll down.

As always I must remind you that the only way to grow is helping me help you by retweeting and sharing any and all posts I tag you on. My audience becomes your audience, and you never know who I’ll get to hear you’re music. #BlastoffwithJoedaAstronaut #followmyear it always hears. Don’t forget to catch the albums I went through in their entirety ensuring that all songs are dopeo included my playlists from the 3 sources I found music on.

Joe da Astronaut- intro
AXLSD- flash light(California)

Veronica Cooper – Wheres Vee[Prod by CozytilliOD](Las Vegas)

Pat Pat- 903 Texas(Denison, TX)

T BARZ- Dunno Why(Alabama)

Dom 2 Timez- Swagg Dripping (feat. Circle City Hustle)(NYC)

HG Locks- Foldin ft. Bally(Bronx)

Pat Pat- Father Forgive Them ft. Classik Mussik(Denison, TX)

Nomad Carlos- War Repertoire (Feat. Inztinkz)(Kingston)

Moisés No Duerme- CÁRCELES(Spain)

Lena Jackson- End Of The Tunnel Ft. Maestra(Durham, NC)

Whipsers- Trash Appeal

VXMOB-  S On My Chest(London)

Sleep Sinatra- Ogun [Illastrate Remix](Lincoln)

Elijah Jaron- Ride Your Wave(Sacramento)

Dom 2 Timez- Moon Walkin(NYC)

B.E.N.N.Y. The Butcher – INDIA Feat ElCamino [prod by Chup](Buffalo)

Chore Boy- Tryna Be Me (prod. Groovebox)(Chicago)

Ras Beats- What Im Connected To(feat. Ralphiie Reese)(NY)

Fraser- FORGIV3 (Swell Remix)

Gifted Gab Blimes Brixton – Come Correct

Sumit- Borrowed Time(Worcester, USA)

Bass Thompson- The Storm Rhythm and Blues

Dom 2 Timez- Cash Flip(NYC)

Fraser- L3TTERS (Feat. Ai Sage)

Rob Fresh- Pen Game(freestyle)(NYC, ATL)

FutureWave- Gun Runner (feat. Hus Kingpin  Daniel Son)(Toronto)

Smoke DZA – The Hook Up (feat. Dom Kennedy  Cozz) (prod. Girl Talk)

Dom 2 Timez- Loud Talk (feat. VIP)(NYC)

Fraser- BYE BY3 (Mixd @CarlaThePoet)

13RINGS – beamin(L.A.)


Chris Rivers- Birds(NYC)

Dom 2 Timez- JAM(NYC)

Whispers- The Get Back

Siimba Liives Long – Cocaine Bimbie(Brooklyn)


Joell Ortiz- Battle Cry (Feat. Just Blaze)(Prod. Audible Doctor)(Bronx)

Malachi- On My Way(Memphis)

Albums, EPs, and LPs I been enjoying these 2 weeks.