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back tuesday

Almost Everything EP from EverythingOShaun

We have the Brampton, Canada native EverythingOShaun with his 2nd music release, which is «Almost Everything» giving us more of what he dropped on his 1st «Until Now» EP. He has gotten more personal and opened up to what makes him tick, and the thoughts that parade through his mind.

I for one am glad that he has grown mentally and musically to where he can command the attention of bigger blogs and digital magazines such as Noisey and Complex to name a few. He’s remained true to his trap sound but has slowed it down a bit so that the lyrics can woo the listener along with the beat. I have witnessed his growth from a few months ago, to where he is now.

He is hard working, knowledgeable, loyal, and humble, trust me when I say it, many people don’t take the time to speak with you directly but go through their managers or PR, not OShaun. I 1st ran into his music on «Co-Sign» and was blown away, I knew he had the talent and forth sight to put out a appealing product. He hasn’t disappointed with «Almost Everything» we see his music reflecting where he is in life and what he has gone through. Play the EP get to know him, go back and listen to «Until Now».

My favorites on his recent EP are «Pylons» and «Winnebago», I recommend these tracks, and would love to debut either one of these videos for him. I doubt that this is «Almost Everything» and that he has much more music to bless us with.

Production done by: SLWJMZ & Xpress aka DJXP