Classic golden era hip hop str8 from NY with Pete Powerz

Pete PowerzI’m one of those old hip hop heads that like the 90’s sound, and my man Pete Powerz doesn’t disappoint. It’s 2016 yet he makes it seem like we just traveled through time and he took us to that gritty New York sound from the 1990’s and still make it seem fresh as it did back then. I was kinda taken aback by the name of the song, «Jackin’ for Beats» is after all a classic form Ice Cube’s «Kill at Will» album. I will say this though, had Pete Powerz been in the same era as Ice Cube when he dropped that track it would be hard to say who sounded better. It would be an issue dividing East and West, but  no one can deny this is great hip hop, I know that in 10 years this joint will still sound just as good as it does right now. I keep telling the younger generation that you need to make timeless music, and Pete Powerz did that. Great production by Martial Wal Umbrella Inc for using dope 90’s beats to create the feeling and absorbing us in the music. Below we have an embedded link (provided by Martial Wal) to download the album, it’s free and worth the time to listen to it.

Find me in the 90’s free download/ descarga gratis


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