20-02 Ent. playlist 4-13-18 thru 4-23-18

I love hip hop, so I love finding dope gems people sleep on because an artist is not popular, like that really matters. It should not, and it does not seem to me, I rather listen to underground music than that POP-ular shit on the radio. It's why I decided to do what I do, I might not be the biggest show, blog, magazine, or station, but I do promise you all that I will push the best hip hop I can find from across the world. I do this because in a world of scam artists and people focused on money, instead of art & talent, hip hop has become a genre where anyone can buy their way to stardom. Not here, not with me, I do not take money to play anyone's music, it just has to be fucking dope in my opinion. Let's be real, this works on opinions, but I'm a realist so I try to push only the best in a 2 week period. So here we are again, I try to balance out my playlists with music that appeals to all, from elitists to young fans. I got music you can enjoy, if you're looking for anybody named "Lil" on here you got the wrong place, in fact beat it. I love beats, I love imagery, I love the complexity of the rhyme scheme, but I need a coherent & articulated artist. Is that too much to ask for? Do not! I found some notable artists (if you're on the list you're remarkable) let's start with Knowlegin, Kid Ace 503, Supa BWE, Khan No Mas, JD Era, A. Cheeze, why them, because I list more than one of their joints on the list. That's why! It does not take away from the rest? Do not! I will say this, if you can make one dope song, you can make another one, it's that easy. Email me, always email me, it sure that I will listen to your music, otherwise I might forget. I do not want to take my word for it, listen to my podcast, even if you're a hater I got something for you too. To the artists you can only grow if you help those that help, so please retweet & share the playlist, look who's on it, and realize you can be more than just someone with potential. You are a star, at least to me you are. The show comes out on Fridays and the following Mondays at 5 pm EST thru raponair.com for the next 2 weeks, so tell everyone. Saturdays at 10 pm EST thru E100Jamz.com. I might be having the show come to thru to Dominican channel here in the future, and all of this is free, what's not to like, support me like I support you, together we can grow up to be bigger than we are at this moment. Do not forget to check out the Albums I am currently enjoying down below. Peace & Blast Off with Joe Astronaut, as I take you on a journey through cyberspace. Joe gives Astronaut Intro Jimmy Wavez- Playboi Carti x Lil Pump Type Beat (Trap Instrumental) https://soundcloud.com/trapgangholics/playboi-carti-x-lil-pump-type Jakk Marzilla- Low Key Trill (Prod. Jack Marzilla) https://soundcloud.com/jakkmarzilla/low-key-trill-prod-jack-marzilla Will Broad- Only Son (Harare, Zimbabwe) https://soundcloud.com/iamwillbroad/onlysonmp3download Malz Monday- Fibonacci https : //soundcloud.com/malzmonday/fibonacci NewAra – KMA (Chitown & Gary, IN) https://youtu.be/QEcB6ebYz8A SHAZUNO – TRANQUILO (prod NO VALUE) (Spain) https://youtu.be/LX5s_c4bHsw Dxddy Mxck – Marge Simpson (Prod. TreeTime) (Florida) https://soundcloud.com/dxddymxck/dxddy-mxck-marge-simpson-prod-treetime ZakeeReynolds- Totem (ft. Lee Sahir) https://soundcloud.com/zakeereynolds/totem-ft-lee-sahir Blak Tha Map ft. Drinkfirstt – DAMN RIGHT! [PRODUCED BY GITTI SUEDI] https://soundcloud.com/karl-bergenudd/damn-right A. Cheeze x Javier Laocoonte x Sticky Sánchez · CAKEWALK (Prod. by Ochoa) (Madrid) https://youtu.be/psqkOFDl1Tg Babydee – Like Curry (Feat. Knowlegin X Kid Ace) (Oregon) https://soundcloud.com/knowleginoffical/likecurry EverythingOShaun- Winnebago (Brampton) https://youtu.be/hVUoxsy53jw Farniente L- Berr · A. Cheeze · Louis Amoeba NEIGHBORHOODS (Spain) https : //youtu.be/KxURm-l4Cz0 Kojey Radical- MOOD FEAT. GHETTS (London) https://soundcloud.com/kojeyradical/mood Prince Rahdeaz- Make it Happen (London) https://youtu.be/2tD_tGanaeQ Reckless Motion- SYLVIA FT MADDIE FLOOD (Prod. Berkli) (Wisconsin) https://soundcloud.com/recklessmotion/sylvia-prod-berkli SHAZUNO X E.KILLAH – BLUE MAGIC (scratches DJ SEPIAO) (Spain) https://youtu.be/nyLPyOg096c Ozay Moore- WSTCST ( feat. Tony Ozier Teeko) [Produced by Tall Black Guy] https://soundcloud.com/illect/ozay-moore-wstcst-tony-ozier-teeko-tall-black-guy/ A.Cheeze – Mujeres del guetto feat. Sticky Sánchez (Prod. Jack Red) (Madrid) https://youtu.be/FdwzoCi_AWE Knowlegin- Run It Up (Wilsonville, OR) https://soundcloud.com/knowleginoffical/mogear-squad-run-it-up-feat-scoobyhd Kid Ace 503- Make It Out Feat. Knowlegin (Beaverton) https://soundcloud.com/abel-salazar-1/make-it-out-feat-knowlegin Khan No Mas- level 1 freestyle (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/majormoves416/level-1 -freestyle Supa Bwe- THE WORLD TOURNAMENT PT 2 (YEAR OF THE DOG) EVERYTHING (Chicago) https://soundcloud.com/supabwe/the-world-tournament-pt-2-year-of-the-dog-everything Knowlegin – Fall Off (Wilsonville, OR) https://soundcloud.com/knowleginoffical/fall-off Khan No Mas- Doing The Most (prod by 4th Quarter) (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/majormoves416/doing-the -most-radio-produced-by-4th-quarter Supa Bwe- Jubilee (Chicago) https://soundcloud.com/supabwe/jubilee-2 Kid Ace 503- Spaceships ft. Babydee (Beaverton) https://soundcloud.com/abel-salazar-1/spaceships-ft-babydee Supa Bwe- Down Comes the Spaceman (feat. Saba) (Chicago) https://soundcloud.com/supabwe/down-comes-the-spaceman-feat-saba Khan No Mas- ROLL (prod by Brandon) (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/majormoves416/roll Supa Bwe- Numbers Colors (Stoic Cosmic Me) (Chicago) https://soundcloud.com/supabwe/numbers-colors-stoic-cosmic-me-1 Kid Ace 503- Make a movie (sleep on me) (Beaverton) https : //soundcloud.com/abel-salazar-1/make-a-movie Khan No More- Most High (prod by Bravestar) (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/majormoves416/most-high-khan-produced- by-bravestar JD Era- Love And Pain (Remix) Ft JMSN (Prod By Kaytranada) (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/majormoves416/love-and-pain-remix-ft-jmsn Kid Ace 503- Naw Naw Naw Naw (Beaverton) https://soundcloud.com/abel-salazar-1/naw-naw-naw-naw JD Era- Fuck Em (Prod By OSRS) (Canada) https://soundcloud.com/majormoves416/01- fuck-em-prod-by-osrs LylesRaps- peace n chicken grease (prod. iamnobodi) (Moval) https://soundcloud.com/lylesraps2/pncg Albums, LP's, EP's I've been enjoying the last few weeks https://www.datpiff.com/Mike-Thom-Live-From-The-Mezzanine- Vol-1-mixtape.886133.html? Utm_campaign = piff.me & utm_source = & utm_medium = piff.me https://soundcloud.com/supabwe/sets/finally-dead-2 https://soundcloud.com/kojeyradical/sets/ in-gods-body https://illbreedcoalition.bandcamp.com/album/the-dark-breed-project