20-02 Ent. radio playlist 5-11-18 thru 5-21-18

Great news, I’m not on that Dominican radio yet but I will be contributing as a writer to The Wrap-Up Magazine, so I get another platform where my opinion can be heard. Translation for you guys it means a bigger audience, more reach, so make sure to support me across the net. I keep bringing you guys the best of the best hip hop in any subgenre because I don’t discriminate. I even play the coldest Christian rap music from independent MC’s, that’s how good the music is, I bring the church to you. I have 2 of those Christian raps for you on this show, those tracks will blow your mind away, the artist is YB, and you better keep your eyes on him. I have a few regulars like Planet Asia, Five Steez, Lyles Raps, FreshFromDE, Mike Christmas, M-Dot, Malachi, Erick Lottary, T. Bailey, EverythingOShaun, but that is because these cats stay dropping that heat. New comers that stood out and I was impressed by are Serious Klein (dude is super cold), Sonny Wesson, Kid Daytona, Manny P, Jordan Copas (also a Christian rapper), Adrian Kniffley,  Marcel Alexander, Corey St.Rose, Rusty Joints, Rellz tha Postman, Kosha Dillz, I keep telling ya’ll that you should follow me just to see who I’m listening too. I will tell you that more than half of who I listen to go on to bigger and better things cuz I know talent, I can hear it. I then shared music from groups  or crews who are incorporating different things into the music so they stand out and don’t so repetitive, these include: Graffiti Royale,  Portugal The Man, Oxymorrons, and from Spain Guerrita & Ciclo. I threw into the mix a few beats from False Ego who is from the UK, JShaw from Houston, and a nice remix from LX Xander also from the UK. Finally I had 1 mainstream artist Joell Ortiz with Just Blaze produced masterfully by the Audible Doctor. Enjoy the fruit of my labor, I spend countless hours reviewing music, one eveing I went through 150 songs w/o finding anything fulfilling or good enough to be included on my list. I’m picky, and won’t bring you trash. Tune in Mondays & Fridays at 5 pm EST through Raponair.com for the next 2 weeks, Saturdays at 10 pm EST through E100Jamz.com. If you miss the show through the radio I have the podcast uploaded above, you can’t miss me. I will also start including the playlists as they are from wherever I build them to compile my show. I also have Albums I went through in their entirety, I’m dedicated to this, remember help me help you grow by sharing & retweeting my posts on which you are included. #BlastoffwithJoedaAstronaut!!!!

Joe da Astronaut- intro
False Ego & Gambi- (The Weeknd x NAV)Obsession type beat(Birmingham, UK)

Graffiti Royale- Sweet Like Wine(Brooklyn)

Guerrita & Ciclo- keep on ft. Peter Samir[Loto y Papiro](Spain)

Clemens Urban- Dream about you(pord. von trippieboitrip)

JSHAW- Gypsy Woman(Houston)

Oxymorrons- Brunch(Queens)

Portugal The Man – Feel it Dillz (Kosha Dillz Remix)(Manasquan, NJ)

Rusty Joints- Fuck You Mean Life(Las Vegas)

Rellz tha Postman- Whats the Option [ft. & prod by Christobal The Vision](Philly)

False Ego- (J. Cole)Racks type beat(Birmingham, UK)

Sonny Wesson- Don’t Matter(L.A.)

T. Bailey – No Hook IV(Hollywood)

Marcel Alexander- EinnerGy feat. J Alston(ATL)

Corey St.Rose- No Time(Prod. Tyeon Thompson)(NYC)

Adrian Kniffley – Authentic(Prod. Mini Producer)(Louisville, KY)

False Ego- (J. Cole)Lively type beat(Birmingham, UK)

Erick Lottary- Ball Is Life(Prod. x Ryan Alexy)(Charlotte, NC)

Jordan Copas – Waves Of Life

LX Xander- Michael Jackson Billie Jean Trap Remix(UK)

PLANET ASIA- f. Hus Kingpin  Marvelous Mag I Climb(prod. by izznyce)(Merkabah & NY)

Kid Daytona- Lately (Prod. Harry Fraud)(Bronx)

Manny P – Facts (NYC)

YB – Fire Emoji(Orlando)

The Quarter Inch Kings x Five Steez – Get Props(Kingston & Toronto)

EverythingOShauN – Blind(Brampton)

False Ego- (Joey Badass x XXXtentacion)Red type beat(Birmingham, UK)

Kid Daytona- Litcoin Ft. Mid-Nite(Bronx)

YB – Heaven Came Down(Orlando)

Serious Klein- 9to5since91(Prod. by Rascal)(Germany)

Manny P – 10 Bandz (OTM remix)(NYC)

Erick Lottary- Week 15 Feat. Kris Kasanova(Prod. x DHurl)(Charlotte, NC)

Serious Klein – 91 Flex(Germany)

Joell Ortiz- Battle Cry (Feat. Just Blaze)(Prod. Audible Doctor)(Bronx)

FreshfromDE- They Just Wanna(Prod. by Jus Clide)(Delaware)

FreshfromDE feat. Michael Christmas- Indigo Children (prod. David Yields)(Delaware & Boston)

Malachi- On My Way(Memphis)

M-Dot – Ricochet (Prod. By Whatson x Cuts By DJ Access)(Lynn, MA)

LylesRaps- feelin GODly (ft. prynce teflon)(Moval)
False Ego- (Joey Badass)Fatality type beat(Birmingham, UK)

Albums, LPs, and EPs I recommend for the next 2 weeks

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