20-02 Ent Show


My show, 20-02 Ent show, is an idea that contains a different perspective. In Spain every Monday and Friday at 11 pm starting on May 1, in Mexico at 3 pm Monday and Friday! I want the world to see the global talent of the largest and most diverse culture that is indie hip hop. We will change the rules and they will make the independent who will take the hip hop to its next evolution! Tune into my show and we will grow together, I will be your voice, and here is going to play pure music that is worth the time to listen! Follow me on social networks, @ 20-02 Ent. It is the House of Dreams made realities! I’m looking for new music if you think your work is strong caliber send your work to [email protected], to be considered for my shows and the rotation of the station Raponair, the radio hip hop in Spanish.

Joe da Astronaut

I’m Joe da Astronaut from Cd. Juarez, Mexico, I’m the disc jockey that seeks to convert indie hip hop artists to stars to enlighten the world. I have since the 84 ′ listening to hip hop and living their transitions, I do not like where it is now popular hip hop, that’s why I decided to change the path that has been taken. I play in my show 20-02 Ent show pure indie hip hop artists from Mexico, USA, South America, UK, Spain, Africa, and all the places where you find something new and fresh.

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