Annfun & Emilio Sinclair-AHA!

Annfun takes time to war in Seville, with several works (the Last "Mercury") that have been consolidating it as a quality MC. He has also been one of the few female representatives on the cypher that Team Back Pack made in his visit to Sevilla. With the humble intention of paying homage to the Soul divas he joined Emilio Sinclair, a referent in the matter after years of experience with the Groove Band, giving rise to AHA! The instrumental that the producer so Rude proposed for the occasion was based on a classic sample of Sharon Jones perfect for the occasion. The studio ground floor records put the sound quality and after seeing the good result of that tandem, they gave audiovisual format of the hand Noah Moreno of free Corp Ambientandolo as he deserves, as the great [email protected] of Soul.