Chris Orrick (Ugly Heroes) prepares his new Out To Sea

Chris Orrick, “the poet laureate of the imperial decline” of Michigan launches a new reference for Mello Music Group. “Out to Sea“, it may not be easy to hear, but it will be impossible to ignore.

Orrick can be considered as the ironic heir to the morbid humour of Mitch Hedberg, the blues of Charles Bukowski’s mud flies and the satire of Michael Moore’s caustic oxide belt.

Chris Orrick is an iconoclast of a proud tradition, a thoughtful and sensible realist who uses laughter as a way to drown out tears. The album begins with an act of contrition: a disembodied voice is tremblingly directed at an audience: “If you knocked, thank you very much for showing me where I am. I guess I don’t have much else to do. “

Out To Sea will see the light completely on May 24th