Cypress Hill -Elephants On Acid

Cypress Hill-Elephants On Acid

B-Real, Sen Dog, DJ Muggs, Bobo and DJ Mix Master Mike formed the most successful Latin Hip-Hop Collective of the history arriving in 2018 to be platinum disc. Of course we talked about Cypress Hill and we do it for his new job, who knows if the last: Elephants On Acid. The key to his success was mixing the latin flavor in the Hip-Hop music of Los Angeles getting to like not only those who belonged to this culture but all the public as rockers, hippies and even posh. The use of Spanglish and Latin slang was another of the pillars of its success, opening the market to practically all the world.

Cypress Hill 2018

Band of Gypsies is the first official video of this new work although it will not be the last. An ode to the hash with moorish ambience, hookahs and chorus in crabic all located in Egypt, coming out of his usual reference to the herb to praise his pollen. We will be waiting for the following audiovisuals that gives this Elephants On Acid.