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Evidence on “Weather or Not” he’s timeless (Exclusive Interview)

Music is not like any other art form, sometimes years can pass before you’re recognized as a genius for your ideas and contributions to it. Many musicians say that they make the music they want to make, no matter if anyone else enjoys it or not, as long as the artist themselves do.

I can understand that a song or an album is like a child, that must be nurtured from the concept of the idea to the physical outcome which may take days, months, and even years. Maybe sometimes it wasn’t the right moment to release the project, and no one else will ever know this but the artists themselves. I like to believe that they’re trying to be humble when they say, “I just like making music“, because their work ethic says otherwise.

Let’s look at Evidence‘s new album, “Weather or Not“, I’m not going to focus on his career I’m pretty sure his fans can recite his accomplishments or how he started. I’m talking about the music and only that. From the opening of the album, “This is weather or not” echoing a question to hook you to pay attention, on whether or not the music and songs are worth the time it takes to listen.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I have played this album 3 times from start to finish the 1st day I heard it. I really listened because like Chuck D stated in the 80’s “don’t believe the hype”. There is none, Evidence released a great album all around, from the production to the lyrics, to the nostalgia it invokes, he came to drop hip hop and that is exactly what he did. Many people get caught up on how popular an artist is, how much money they make, whether they’re the most lyrical, influential, etc, etc, etc. Evidence isn’t worried about any of that, he just came to drop the best of HIMSELF in the music he releases.

This album answers many questions you may have about him, but I still had to ask a few myself, this is what he had to say:


“Weather or Not” is an instant classic, in my opinion. How are you feeling about the album as a whole now that it is out?

I’m happy that it’s being received well. There are always doubts that it won’t translate when you create something. The people who are over confident about their work worry me a little.


I know that this is always a difficult question to answer, but which of the 16 tracks do you feel are your personal favorites? Can you share further on what the thought process was behind them from the concept to the end result?

I really gave each song its full attention this time around.  Some came easier than others, but no one song was a favorite while I was making it. I was really trying to focus on the bigger picture of making an album that could have individual tracks stand out and yet play as an experience as well.

This can get tricky and drive someone up the wall if they don’t step back and get a grip on it.  So, I’m very proud of how I pulled 15 songs out of maybe 25 or 30 and shaped this record as a whole more than any one track standing out to me while I was making it.


Evidence - 10,000 Hours (Prod. by DJ Premier)

From my understanding, the LP was originally set for a 2016 release. How come it took an extra two more years to drop?

I had a son and then things happened after.  If you listen to the last song, I believe that explains enough. I also produced a Madchild Album in full, “The Darkest Hour” a Defari album, “Rare Poise” a Domo Genesis EP, “Aren’t U Glad You’re U” and am sitting on a finished instrumental album and an almost finished Krondon Album.

I put a lot of energy while I had to be home for personal reasons into the beats and production. I believe that kept me sharp in my down time.

With the ever-changing face of Hip-hop and new sub-genres the young generation are listening to, how do you feel the lyrical maturity of this album would appeal to them? Do you think that your newer material still picks up younger fans?

I have no idea.  I’m not chasing an age group, I’m just looking for likeminded people.  I could give a fuck if you’re 19 or 38, I just want to reach people who get it.



What is your opinion on younger MCs with their faster beats and lyrical content that can tend to be a lot more superficial. Do you feel the media is the main driving force behind their success?

Too general of a question.  I like some shit, other stuff not as much, but that goes for any type of music.


Which new artists are you listening to at the moment you feel are too slept on?

Mach Hommy, but he ain’t slept on.  The people who know, know.



Evidence release his 3º solo álbum: Weather Or Not (LP)

Where do you get your inspiration from? Or is it sparked randomly?

From Alchemist.


Obviously we are talking about the new release of “Weather or Not”, but if I know Hip-hop artists, you guys keep material on you like the plug keeps sacks of bud. When might we expect your next solo project?

Don’t know yet.  Once this one feels like it’s ran its course, I’ll get back to building on the next idea.  Until then I’ll be staying sharp with surprises, also a lot of touring and more videos.



Evidence release his 3º solo álbum: Weather Or Not (LP)

When will you release an album entirely produced by Alchemist? I ask because you usually have 4 to 6 tracks produced by him on your albums.

We did “Lord Steppington” he produced all of it except the one track I did.  I would love to have a solo album produced by him, let’s not get too excited about that yet tho. I might be producing my next solo album.


I noticed a new Step Brothers track recently dropped, are we to expect another album for this year?

That was a track from the cutting room floor from our first album that was just sitting around.  (He laughs before answering) Def not new.  We will see about the next step bros, it’s been a discussion for sure.


How much do you feel you have affected the culture of Hip-hop in general? Or do you think it was just a byproduct of making dope music and honing your craft? (as an MC and a producer)

That’s for others to decide. I’m just keeping my head down and focusing on being the best me. 


He stated that he would start on his next solo project when this one, “had run its course”, I feel like that next project may never come. As it stands “Weather or Notwill be one of those timeless albums people in hip hop always speak of. Don’t believe me then give it a listen and stop doubting. I didn’t state this as an opinion, the man is a genius, as he said, “those who know, know“. Enough said!

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