Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – Alfredo

After working with Conway The Machine, “Lulu”, The Alchemist continues his long career on the world stage producing another interesting work for Freddie Gibbs titled “Alfredo”.

Another opportunity to enjoy the warm, analog sound of this legendary producer who handles samples like an alchemist.

Taking advantage of the hype of “Conway The Machine” and “Benny The Butcher” with Griselda and after The Achemist’s work with Conway, Lulu, both appear in collaborations with Freddie Gibbs and, in addition, Creator’s Tyler in the song “Something To Rap About “.


The first audiovisual that this musical project has produced is “1985”, which with sample rocker, in true The Alchemist style, Freddie perfectly manages the double-time metric on few BPMs.