Habitus – Mind De Sample

Mind De Sample is the Bristol´s producer Habitus ´14 tracks new álbum, also available on vinyl.

This work is entirely produced with vintage hardware like Akai S950 and Mpc 2500. Contains collaborations like Verb T, Goose, Chillman, Glad2mecha, Res One, Datkid, Sadomas, Holly Flo, Emblema, Talia, Dr. Syntax, Yumalesra, Mac Lloyd or Billnext mixing english and spanish languages.

A big conexion between canarian island mc´s and UK mc´s with Habitus producer as a nexus.

About Habitus

Habitus is a Producer, Mc and Dj from The Canary Islands based in the city of Bristol (Uk). He is the founder of Dusty Sounds Studios, a recording studio that focuses on the 90’s Hip-Hop sounds with tactful Jazzy and Funk atmospheres. Over the last 7 years Habitus has been performing in venues and festivals all across UK and some other European countries, also has worked in the studio with some of the most influential Hip Hop artist of Bristol and UK in general.

My Cup Of Tea

On “My Cup Of Tea” is the Emblema turn to hit over an Habitus classic 90´s beat on Bristol roads.