Hermit and the Recluse (Ka + Animos) - Sirens

Hermit and the Recluse (Ka + Animos) – Sirens

Recently we have heard from Ka (Brownsville), who we knew almost at the same time as Roc Marciano a few years ago. Now he works on a joint project with the producer Animoss who have called “Hermit and the Recluse” and who already has new album under the title Orpheus Vs. The Sirens. Sirens is a theme in the line that came doing Ka, with pure samples and lyric very deep, which is distinguished as a style of this mc, this time set in popular mythology.

In their audiovisual format, they have accompanied Alina Popescu‘s animations, creating an oniric and metaphysical result, enhancing the lyrics of the song. Only Ka is able to create so dense atmospheres without battery and catch you from the first second of the song. For those of you who seek something deeper and more transcendental, Ka is your man.