April 2021



Jeru The Damaja Power

Jeru The Damaja Power

Jeru The Damaja – Power

Jeru The Damaja backs to the scene on July 10th, dropping a new bomb called “POWER”.

He performed it live on my NPR Tiny Desk home concert back in April long before all of the civil unrest and worldwide protest.

Power” is a song by Jeru The Damaja addressing the unjust social system that plagues society. In the song “Power“, Jeru The Damaja suggest we use unity to overcome the difficulties we face as humanity enters into another inevitable phase of unavoidable change.

In his never-ending battle with his arch-nemesis Mr. ignorance, there have been ups,and there havebeen downs, but Jeru continues to push forward, believing the adagethat ” it’s not about how many times you get knocked down, it’s about how manytimes you get up that counts.

“That being said, the lyrical Kung fu Grandmaster is back, with his new single”POWER.”Hardcore tribal drums, eerie strings, and Jeru’s unorthodox Brooklyn box cutterflows are guaranteed to delight existing fans and garner the respect of new listeners.

When asked, what was the motivation behind “Power”?Jeru Answers, “the goal is to have substance and intelligence outperform ignorance.

“With all of the madness going all in the world, Jeru reminds us that there can be nochange without unity.If the revolution is to be televised, then this is the theme song

About Jeru The Damaja:

Jeru The Damaja is an MC, Producer, Photographer, and filmmaker that hasbeen an essential part of Hip Hop culture for over twenty-five years, fromhis early collaborations with the legendary Gang Starr to the present day.

Born (Kendrick Jeru Davis)in the rough East New York section ofBrooklyn,Jeru honed his skill as an MC while navigating the often-deadlystreets of his notorious Brooklyn neighborhood.In The late 80s, Jeru was fortunate enough to be introduced to Guru of GangStarr by a childhood friend.Gang Starr first introduced Jeru The Damaja to the world on a track entitled”I’m the man” from their 1992Daily Operationalbum.

Jeru’s first two albumsSun Rises in The EastandWrath Of The Mathwereproduced entirely by DJ Premier and are hailed as Hip Hop classics.Jeru’s music is featured in numerous video games, television shows, andmovies likeGrand Theft Auto,Narcos, andMid90s, to name a few.

Jeru has worked with many international gold and platinum recording artists,such asGrammy-nominated Groove Armada, Japans DJ Honda, the Polishrap group Slums Attack, Cut Killer from Paris, France, Drum, and Bass duoCamo and Krooked and many more.

For the last few years, Jeru has decided to push his creativity to newunexplored realmsby relocating to Berlin, Germany.In 2020 Jeru will release his 6th Full-length Studio LP in an unconventional,unorthodox manner befitting the man known as D. Original.