April 2021



Kev Brown J Scienide Stray From the Pack

Kev Brown & J Scienide – Orange Julius Landover Mall

As Featured on Their Sophomore Collab LP, Stray From the Pack
Available Now Through All Major DSPs!

In what feels like a warm throwback to the ‘80s and ‘90s, Kev Brown &J Scienide pay homage to the now-closed Landover Mall in Maryland with some slick, found footage-style visuals in “Orange Julius Landover Mall.”

For anyone with memories of those aforementioned decades, the music and accompanying video for this single off the duo’s Stray From The Pack album will feel like a warm nostalgia hug. And we have director Kreative71 to thank for that. His vision, which we also saw in their video for “Out the Safari,” brings those past decades to life with a hint of fuzz and warped VHS tape effects.

Beyond the nostalgia, though, the track itself is simply another example of what Kev and J do best—unadulterated, no-frills hip-hop. Dusty production from Kev? Yep. Clever rhymes from both Kev and J? No doubt.

Check out the visuals for “Orange Julius Landover Mall” and go support Stray From The Packavailable now through Scienide’s Static King imprint via Fat Beats Records.