June 2021



King Bliss Chalice

King Bliss Chalice

King Bliss – Chalice

King Bliss takes us to his hometown/housing scheme, Carlston Close, Jamaica with his new music video Chalice. In this video King Bliss gives us a closer look at where he grew up and some of the people he grew up with. Produced by Bes Kept out of Toronto’s West End, Chalice solidifies Bliss’ lyrical integrity as the emcee branches out into a slower-paced instrumental that interestingly contains no drums. Featuring the enticements of distinct voices from the dancehall/reggae scene, the easy-listening track is sure to keep your head bobbin’. This song confirms that the artist is a smooth slick talker and vivid social commentator.

About King Bliss

Toronto rapper KING Bliss is one of rare commodity.  Since debuting in 2016, King Bliss has managed to create a sound that is expected from a more seasoned artist.  His 2017 EP, K.I.N.G. or Knowledge Is The New Gangsta showcases his verbal acrobatics and produces mastered tracks.  The 7-track listing — which has no features — is a pleasure to the ears, even to ‘not-so-typical’ rap fans.  K.I.N.G. provides progressive storytelling –reminiscent of Slick Rick and Kendrick Lamar — engaging listeners to follow King Bliss on his everyday life stories.

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/kingblissent/