Bob's Cell #026 | Fisher Showa

BOB's cell in RAPONAIR

"Cyclical experience" is a record that I expected to arrive because I knew I was going to be surprised, and it was precisely what happened when Fisher Showa published it earlier this month. The debut of the "Costanortino" has the technique of a decade of experience in rap, the freshness of its two decades in this life, and the lucidity of three decades of maturation of a culture Hip Hop in Chile. I went to his author and he receives me in the north coast with his colleagues H Empire Music label, a large creative family who won with work the prestige and importance in the current new generation of rappers in Chile, a generation that, as confirmed in EST A conversation with Fisher, has a lot of Hip Hop to teach (NOS). The bottom beats correspond to "Organolepsia" of the Porteño maneuver Bits.

Fisher Showa – Really Negga | Https://youtu.be/-XhKoex5ZKg

Fisher Showa – Cyclical Experience | Https://youtu.be/g4Ow0PM5SGI

Full album: Http://spoti.fi/2xrvNj0