Bob's Cell #028 | Pee Gee'z

I went to the legendary Menphiz records in Puente Alto to share a conversation with Mister pee, GMS and Zurprays, part of the roster of Pee Gee'z, who last fall enrolled one of the National rap of the Year in progress with "Chronicas". A job that surely would not have attained the maturity that defines it if it were not for the countless experiences that complete its history. We review several of these and also place ourselves in the present of Pee Gee'z, who see an interesting range of possibilities after the positive and significant results of their first release.

Pee Gee'z – SixSixSix |


Pee Gee'z – Abstract |


PEE GEE'Z-Chronica (LP 2017, Menphiz Records) free download at Http://bit.ly/chronicas