Merc the Big Body Benz: The many faced Goddess…

A beautiful body of work that without doubt leaves you satisfied and will provide an insight into who Mercedes is as an artist and as a strong beautiful woman. An MC who reigns Goddess over bars, and her voice gritty like rose petals being brushed against concrete. Smoothly caressing the beats as she tells us who she is, we’re riveted to her oracle. Sound her void, doing her bidding conjuring everything she says, that her pain is ours. I personally love “Trauma”, I promise that you will only be piqued and left to desire more. I feel that we as an audience and consumers of this genre, we owe her the respect to add her to conversations of great MC’s regardless of gender. Debate? Nah, give it a play and then cop you a copy. I know you’ll be a fan too.

Merc the Big Body Benz

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