May 2021



Mr. Throwback Thursday Podcast

What is the Mr. Throwback Thursday Podcast? ( Blurbs)

Mr. Throwback Thursday is a weekly dose of classic hip hop news. Bill and Jamie do their best to scour the internet for news and updates on classic hip hop legends. Sometimes they have opportunity to get the word from the legends, themselves.

They have interviewed iconic hip hop personalities like DMC, Chuck D, MC Sha Rock, Kool DJ Red Alert, and Erick Sermon. If their teenage selves could see them now, they would think that they were dreaming. One moment they were listening to these people on cassettes, the next they have them on the phone. These aren’t interviews by media personnel, they are interviews by fans, just like you.

They have received audio endorsements from approximately 50 hip hop artists. As you listen, you will hear drops from everyone from the legendary Phife Dog to the incredible MC Lyte. When that many classic hip hop personalities are on board, there must be something to it. You do not want to miss this.

Episodes are released every Thursday morning.

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