Nikki Jean - Pink Lemonade

Nikki Jean -Pink Lemonade (Maxi Single)

Nikki Jean again seduces us with his Pink Lemonade with the naturalness that characterizes him and an elegance that makes him almost levitate where Pisa. People & Plans, his previous reference let us see his face more melancholic and sensitive. In Pink Lemonade shows us his most positive and cheerful side in which the whole neighborhood is pink. Again covered under the seal of Minneapolis Rhymesayers, has put on sale its new maxi-single that you can get on the website of the label.

As we discussed in our previous reference about her, Nikki has an eclectic and very experienced background, having lived in half a dozen states throughout her life and worked with Lupe Fiasco‘s artists to Bob Dylan. He also made a tour with Kanye West and studied with the Masters composers of Tin Pan Alley, Bleecker St, the Brill Building, Motown, the Philadelphia Sound, Music Row and Laurel Canyon, which led to the launch of pennies in a Jar. First collaborative album.

The “Pink Lemonade” maxi-single also features two remixes; the Caribbean-influenced “Pink Kush Remix” which was produced by K-Salaam & Beatnick and features Reggae recording artist Jesse Royal, as well as an ethereal EDM-leaning remix produced by Umbra.

Nikki Jean artwork

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