June 2021



Nolan The ninja Sportee

Nolan The ninja Sportee

Nolan The Ninja new album: “Sportee”

Nolan the Ninja, the ninja of Detroit, returns with new album: “Sportee”. With renewed airs and competitive spirit, Nolan at a more mature stage is inspired by a new Lo-Fi renaissance with producer 5YNOT.

Orange is the theme chosen as a single of this work for which he has counted on Jaye Prime that you can hear in his Bandcamp until it is completely released on April 19 (2019).

“While making SPORTEE, I felt a level of comfort that I never have before. Over the past few years, I found myself unconscious ‘ experimenting ‘ with different styles. This Album is the result of those efforts. My growth in delivery and styles almost feels like a reset button for me. This time, I’ve got an improved approach in terms of control. I used to just come with that rowdy but I’ve worked to add layers and subtlety to my flow. With this album, ‘ Sportee ‘ feltly means to proudly exude confidence, have fun and do YOU. Work till you find your ‘ fit. ‘
” -Nolan The Ninja