Ozay Moore and Theory Hazit drop hip-hop banger “Nu Zulu”

After leaving his competition In The Wake Of O and picking up dust, Ozay Moore returns with a new banger and a ‘polite reminder’ that his rap skills are sharper than an Iklwa spear. 

Tag team rules apply this time though as Theory Hazit effortlessly swoops in to play the Hawk to Ozay Moore’s Animal. Both emcees spit some tribal fire over [email protected]’s jittery beat which has an addictive barefoot bounce to boot. The two rhyme sprayers aim for the head and gut with verses filled with playful braggadocio and sarcastic humor. Peep the wordplay.

As if they didn’t knowO’s in the kitchen cooking slow in need of a bigger stove.

Black Spade turned ZuluIf my spears ain’t over your head, they’re running through you.

This sort of tribal mentality is a powerful rallying call of chest pounding proportions, and all members will be fully trained in Hip Hop combat. The Nu-Zulu Nation has arrived. 

‘Nu-Zulu’ is out now on Illect Recordings.

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