Planet Asia - The Golden Buddha

Planet Asia-The Golden Buddha

Planet Asia reclaims what is his. His latest work The Golden Buddha (available on itunes) manages to return to its purest essence. A battery of temazos that does not let you assimilate all the information until you have heard it several times. This work is backed by numerous video clips of their songs “You are the King” “Hood Legends”, “Magnetic Lord”, “Fire Works”… And by the Colabos of AZ, Xiomara, Hus Kingpin, Tri State, Killa Kali, Turbin, Marvelous Mag or the Arquitect. The production of the work has been done completely by Izznyce and we must thank you for that sound and those beats that really put in place to Asia. So little more can be said of Planet Asia, which from its beginnings in Stones Throw, having won a Grammy and staying on top after 20 years of career continues to give us good Rap and its unmistakable sound “Cali”.