Scott G ft Benny The Butcher - V2's & V12's (Video by Trypps Beatz) Prod by IAMT2

Scott G ft Benny The Butcher-V2 ‘s & V12 ‘s (Prod by IAMT2)

From Queens, New York, Scott G and Benny The Butcher bring us V2 ‘s & V12 ‘s, a new theme produced by IAMT2. Scott G a.k.a. Scott Gesus, after being near death for having been shot 3 times, locked himself in the studio to create his album “Look at God” and leaving aside the debut project in which he was working until then “I Am Gesus“. After his near-death experience he felt he had more profound things to say in “I Am Gesus“. The German label “Goon MusicK” (SnowGoons) is in charge of the distribution of this work in which people appear as Conway, Benny The Butcher, Sean Strange or IamMuzik.