Too Short, The PIMP Tape, 3 Decades of Game

Too Short – Ain’t My Girlfriend ft. Ty Dolla $ign…

Even the best families sing  Too Short´s new hit, Ain’t My Girlfriend. Living legend of PIMP Hip-Hop, his explicit lyrics have influenced the new trends for generations. It can be said that he has only talk about bitches and hoes and that is what made him so recognizable.

At the time of the Gansta Rap  Too Short remained true to his PIMP principles and so he has followed after 30 years in the game. And that’s how he called his last job that will see the light in September: “The PIMP Tape, 3 decades of Game“. He has practically collaborated with all the greats since the ´ 90 and they have always come to him when they have wanted something really PIMP for their songs.

Now he does it again with more current names but surprisingly the same style as always. Ty Dolla $ign, Jeremih, French Montana and Joyner Lucas have participated in this declaration of principles that is that already has a cymetographic format in Ain´t My Girlfriend.