UMMO presents his new work Histeria

The alien band UMMO introduces us to its new conceptual work in EP format. After presenting their new single ‘ Friday 13 ‘, they land on the planet four other themes full of intergalactic codes. The most personal work of the inhabitants of WOLF424, inspired this time in the figure of Tino Casal. Among the topics we can hear authentic steamrollers such as ‘ ID ‘ or ‘ СТРЕЛЯЮ НА ПОРАЖЕНИE ‘. Trips to more Ochenteras and classic atmospheres such as ‘ hysteria ‘ or ‘ Friday 13 ‘, and the teleport to the heart of a black hole in the ‘ LUXIFER ‘ cut.

We find collaborations with other intelligent life: SHRLSTN from the Canary Islands, Wild Soler aka Kantz (Tenpel) from Malaga, and Sullen Silent Smoll from Krasnodar, Russia. All the productions have been conceived by the visionary Ummita Mr Mill. The recording, mixing and mastery has been performed by Big Hozone on Showtime Studios, except ‘ LUXIFER ‘, which was recorded and mixed by Hartosopash in sound manufactures.