VUYO Home Cooked Meals

Vuyo, Norwegian-South African rapper and producer form ‘THBP’

In terms of production and lyricism, VUYO’s musical inspirations oscillate through J Dilla,Miles DaviesFela Kuti, and The Beach Boys. Accordingly, he derives eclecticism in his style of “seldom” penned, impromptu compositions, being most comparable to the humble perseverance and conversational music of Anderson. Paak, with its twinges of neo-alt-hip-hop and life-experience outpours.

Born in Zimbabwe and partly raised between Norway, South Africa and Zambia, Ole “VUYO” – Xhosa for “happiness” – Småge experienced varied culture and hardships when still a toddler. With a father heavily involved in the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa amid Nelson Mandela, and a mother deeply invested in the Namibian liberation, their family suffered recurrent death-threats. Consequently, Ole and his mother moved to Oslo where he lived out his teenage years in the Norwegian capital, and recently joined the collective North Of.

VUYO Home Cooked Meals

The 7-track ‘Home-Cooked feat, including veritable intro and outro, kicks off officially with the pensive final single from the EP, THBP. The track opens with warm morning, marimba-like synths and Vuyo’s flow rides on the self-produced, minimal beat; giving space for focus on his lyricism which spotlights post-night-out anxiety – ‘these beats in my diary for the demons inside of me; written testament for every feeling I had’. The hook strings together Vuyo and the sampled vocalist’s unperturbed harmonies, offering that ounce of succour from The Half-Blood Prince’s raw message carried by his flamey flow.

This is what Vuyo had to say about the track:

Written on a Sunday, this song gives a glimpse into my mind after a night out and waking up with the devil on my shoulder. Writing on days like these I feel like Soprano on the couch”