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Evidence Powder Cocaine feat. Slug Prod. By Alchemist

Evidence Powder Cocaine feat. Slug Prod. By Alchemist

Evidence – Powder Cocaine feat. Slug (Prod. By Alchemist)

Since releasing his third solo LP ‘Weather Or Not‘, Evidence‘s new project has been reviewed and described by endless medias as the best Hiphop album that has dropped so far this year to date.

We are therefore SO excited to announce the next video from the album that has dropped for the track ‘Powder Cocaine‘ featuring Slug (Atmosphere), Catero, and has been produced by The Alchemist at the helm (Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Action Bronson).


The spellbinding video directed by Jason Goldwatch takes the viewer on an incredible journey into a world of mesmerizing visuals, and affirms the passion that Evidence also has as a photographer.

After calling on Catero to produce a hook, the singer came back with a verse that ended with, «but everything’s fine if I try to remain like Powder Cocaine…»

This stuck with Evidence and Slug whilst writing, and opened the doors for a highly imaginative track full of diverse metaphors and descriptive symbolism.

Evidence release his 3º solo álbum: Weather Or Not (LP)

Despite the title of the song Evidence has never tried the drug, he said:

«I’m like the only person in Los Angeles who didn’t do cocaine, and Alchemist too. We made a pact, you know, when friends are young and we actually stuck to it. This song is not a pro-cocaine song, but rather just using the saying as an expression of being all good.

This video and track are like putting the icing on the cake for the LP ‘Weather Or Not‘ to become a modern classic, and I hope you feel the same way…

On the album Evidence said “now that the album is finished, I can see clearly that every single song serves its own purpose. To me, it’s like a playlist, or a greatest hits collection…except that none of these songs existed before I made them.”