Fortunato comes out shooting on Johnsonville

FortunatoYou might ask who is Fortunato, well ask no more. The Canadian MC came out busting on his video «Johnsonville» off his album «2 Bad Dudes» a hard hitting song accompanied by visuals of his city Toronto. I have heard many people down here in Mexico say, «Rap is overrated, the mainstream has nothing worthy of listening too», as I keep telling them follow me down the rabbit hole to the underground and get to know people like Fortunato. An artist not just wanting to rap, but making you look his way and respect him, even if you hate him. The joint is mixed by DJ IV and produced by Juliano together giving us a gritty sound that is hard to ignore, and once Fortunato hits the beat its a lyrical hijack, that we allow to happen and enjoy. Don’t believe me take a peep for yourself, hit play!

Canada has always been silent but in recent years it has been making noise, especially Toronto. We need more diversity in a genre that the mainstream has quelled. Thanks to  indie artists like Fortunato the underground has been saving the art form. I feel like in the lapse of a year or so the US will lose its hold on the crown and have to bow down to it’s Northern neighbor. I will always be rooting for the underdog, Fortunato go get yours man!!