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G DO Xception What I Am

G DO Xception What I Am

G-DO and XCEPTION drops new single: WHAT I AM

It’s been nearly eight years since G-DO & Xception began writing and producing «The Journey«. When G-DO & Xception transformed into The Soul Travelers five years ago, they took The Journey with them, as those songs became the starting repertoire for the band. Now, the album is finally ready to bask in it’s own light.

To get us started we have the sole single from the album «What I Am.» Everything about this song says «Journey.» The music and lyrics are a trip into a world of wonder that you will want to take again and again. Xception starts, «If I could say what I was really feeling, you would feel like you had left from this planet and your breath had vanished» … and so the journey begins.

The album will be released on November 30 2018 on all streaming platforms.