agosto 2021

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People are going to ask why you interview your homie? Wait until I interview myself. (evil cackle) Those same people should question why he wasn’t the 1st.

I met G in a crazy way, through mutual friends and the love for this music. I mean really in love with a genre that we eat, sleep, live, and shit hip hop. No, we’re not heads. Anyhow, Ghost has grown a lot from when we met. The talent is there, the drive might be slow but he is persistent. We both know it’s just a matter of time.

Timing is everything, I feel he has reached that, precise moment where he’s taking a small breath and upon exhaling, stardom. Can you see it, fans screaming, no, no, no, chanting «Ghost, GHost, GHOst, GHO$t, GHO$T!!» Yeah, I don’t just imagine it, I’m expecting it.

He’s humble enough not to make it about himself, allow me the pleasure of doing it for him. We all hear our friends say they rap, but not once have you heard them, because you dread they might suck and you have to let them know. Except that wasn’t my experience, dude was good until I heard «Let it go».

That’s when I believed in him, dude has passion, a good flow, and some nice music. Watching him record is an honor, this dude makes it look easy, and fucking nice, the 3 MC’s I’ve heard a cappella in mexico and I’ve thought, «this man is nice», are: Ludan, Rollie, and Ghost.

I say this not as a friend to all three, but as an unbiased critic. The energy is there and the passion can be felt, hurt as the pen punishes the pad with a verse. Voice touches the soul, that love is awoke. Cuz homies be cold, and

I’m that Joe that would know. Patterns waft on the sound, homies aren’t fucking around, give’em their crowns. Round of applause, contracts with no clause, and money from songs, is all that they want.

Taken by 20-02 Ent.

Yeah, my friend Ghost, is a character, and to a degree if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be this crazy. He believes in me, as I believe in him, his advice has helped me grow artistically. I share this to point out he is unselfish. I’ve seen him help ours as well, man loves music, and if it’s good he’s bumping it. We have exchanged music and while some has resonated with one or both of us, he continues to believe in the artists he likes and deals with. Being supportive, in any way possible. I guess that’s why we get along. We both envision helping other hip hop artists that deserve their chance to shine.

I can tell you why I didn’t interview Ghost 1st, I asked him for certain goals to reach. I knew he had talent, but I wanted others to know and with all certainty say it. Though they may hate to admit it. He’s a great friend part of the time, the other 3/4’s he’s a certifiable asshole.

But we laugh at all the world has to offer, cuz life is funny, remember that one minute you don’t have anything, the next you’re still broke but doing better than last year. Something Ghost and I have gone through, that allows us to joke and make fun of life. Why be sour, life is gonna hand you your ass time and time again, but what matters is if you get back up.

Ghost stays dusty, he doesn’t give up too well. In music you need that attitude, not everyone is gonna help, not everyone is going to love you, just do you. Stay on course and persist, of course having people with you for the ride helps. As I promised my friend, here’s his interview. I have added the new video release and a few tracks that I enjoy a lot.

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