Hermit and the Recluse - Argo

Hermit and the Recluse-Argo

A few days ago we commented on the new formation of Ka (Brownsville) with Animoss, who have titled Hermit and the Recluse. For those who did not follow the thread of Ka, their lyrics are closer to the Spoken Word than rap and their music is usually slow and deep to enhance their message. That seriousness to talk about serious things is what makes Ka have the respect of other great as Roc Marciano. Hermit and the Recluse follows the path of Ka and Animoss takes the baton in production creating very thick atmospheres with old vinyl samples passed by the MPC. All this is inside his new album Laden with mythology Orpheus Vs. The sirens, available on its website http://brownsvilleka.com and from which they continue to take out audiovisuals with a great photography like this «Argo».

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