IMAN2 better than the 1st by Dano & Niño Maldito

Niño MalditoYou hear the beat upon opening and you think its someone from Texas, Houston to be exact because of the sound. Then you hear Dano come in with his fast smooth flow to counter against the beat and it fits well. Niño Maldito doesn’t disappoint either, as soon as we get past the hook, he matches Dano’s flow. The flow is not the only thing to catch you, the rhyme is intoxicating and requires a second helping of the joint but if you’re like me and greedy, a third one! The beat is a beast, the production is done by Horror Vacui, infusing trap synths with that screwed up feel from the South. A slight tinge from Memphis, kinda of like some early 8Ball & MJG from their Suave House days in Houston and that sound got passed through DJ Screw’s turntables. This is world wide impact and these guys understand that, the appeal transcends Spanish hip hop music making even people like me, from Texas want to bump this through it’s Southern cities.