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Kenny Orlando 2

Kenny Orlando 2

Kenny Orlando Divine Inspiration from NY

I get many emails on a daily basis, so it was no surprise to get one from Kenny Orlando. I read the bio on it and got to the part that he was Salvadorian and I’m, «Ok, let’s give it a play see what he got» (I actually listen to all music from reputable sources) I was busy I’m always texting and on twitter I was half paying attention until I heard him spitting in Spanish. Ok, replay mid-song and see what is really his angle. As I heard the joint a second time «Brown Bag» this time paying attention, the music production was good and the lyrics were cool, off that joint I asked him for an interview.

He got back to me to hit his publicist up, that’s a first, but I understand the need to be loyal to the people who help you get somewhere, and I respect that. She hit me up too, but I wasn’t ready I wanted to know more about Kenny as an artist. So I researched him and found an artist people were sleeping on. A mixtape, an EP or three, and people are ignoring talent and raw energy by focusing on the hype of the mainstream (as always). Here is a guy who’s main objective is making good music and it being the best he can bring you, because he is making it for himself.

I understand that thinking, I write for me and don’t care whether people like it or understand. I see videos and pictures of Kenny taking classes for production and him just enjoying life, all to just transpire those experiences to the music. He loves music and it shows on his live performances. He has respect and loyalty, its evident, he and his team together put out a good product altogether. I see a time when every video he ever put out will be reviewed again by fans as they try to claim they been day 1’s, and speak of those obscure videos no one else has ever seen of Kenny and Divine 9 before the fame. Don’t be those people, and start vibing with him now.

Kenny Orlando 3

Who is Kenny Orlando, in your own words?
My government name is Kenny Orlando Ramos, but in all reality there’s a duality in me. I’ll let you know now, I TALK!
Kenny Orlando is a symbol. He strives to represent the truth within people. He’s a Latino American poet composing art through music and visuals in order to get a point across.
KayBoogzz (Boogzz pronounced like Boogieman) stems from the raw emotions that one feels. He’s the one that says the things in your head that you question if you should be thinking. He’s the one not afraid to go to war and write about the turmoil.
Together the music is pure art and made to create emotion & spark conversation.

Who was a major influence to you and why?
If I had to name them on one hand they would be:
My Mother
My brother Bobby
Lupe Fiasco
Divine 9 Records (My Team, each person I have stories with about the influence and changes they’ve made in my life)

Who else in Divine 9 is next to watch?
The way the 9 works is: everyone on the team is their own Divine entity. Everybody on the team has goals to establish their own ventures as we come up. We are like the Justice league. Everyone is their own FIRE artist and can hold it down.
With that being said the next releases are: To be released before Halloween!
-Divine 9 Mixtape called “996”
-Divine 9 Singles & Videos (Releases commence the last week of September)
-BETTY The Producer Mixtape name & date TBA
-Ant Pablo Mixtape name TBA
– Andrex Syn (pronounced Andres Sin) is coming out with a project called “Wunderland” which he is working on with one of our best cinematographers, 9 Eyes Blind.
-Silva Mixtape “Words Never Spoken” release TBA
-AWOL da Mindwriter Mixtape “Insert Coin” date TBA

You dropped a few mixtapes & EP (The Basement, 11:26, V, & Se9tember), when are we gonna get a full album?
Honestly when I have the following size I deem fit. To me the most important thing is trying to reach out to people and connect. I have an album concept and track list I’ve been working on for about a year now. It’s going to be called “Qualia”. I want to make sure people get to HEAR that project. I really want it to be something that will resonate with as many people as possible FOREVER.

Kenny Orlando

What are your goals with the music you’re making?
Ultimately my music is just expression. In all reality I make music for myself. Like I will always make music that no one will ever get to hear because it’s not for them, it’s for me. The point of my making a career out of music is: 1) To try and connect people and open minds with ideas and emotion. 2) I want to create a lot of businesses with my success, and create jobs for people. The most important thing for me is investing into the future to better one’s life. There are so many people in life I would LOVE to help and what else is better then to create work and security for them. I have the ideas, concepts, and system but I just need to establish my funds and the reputation that will allow me to step through closed doors.

How do you feel making more music that’s becoming popular with the new generations?
To me, writing just comes from my heart. As far as style and sound its all just a vehicle to which ever words you want to tell them with. Ultimately I like dancing and vibing and this music does vibe but it does have its place next to boom bap and golden era hip hop, at least for me. To me it doesn’t matter whatever style I hit, my writing will always speak for itself. I couldn’t “dumb down” myself if I tried. I, however, can flow and vibe just like the rest of them.

Some of your music has a touch of that trap vibe, do New Yorkers accept that positively or are they negative about? I ask because NY as a whole tends to lean towards that boom bap sound, or are times changing?
New York shows NO love, only for big names. People want to say yeah boom bap and all that but no one’s ever at anyone’s shows. Everyone shows up to anyone with a name. See, New York has many luxuries other cities don’t. We have things happening EVERYDAY, so its like, I get it. Ya’ll didn’t go see mans cause Uzi was here, or yada, yada, yada. MF’ers are quick to try and claim loyalty here once the come up starts. I’m grown enough to get it so it doesn’t matter to me, but to simply put it, New Yorkers are nothing but haters. I love my city don’t get me wrong. But if MF’ers kept it 100 they would agree with me. Why you think everyone leaves as soon as they get some change. PLUS all the OLD money here is very well rooted which prevents; 1) the come up 2) the establishing of ourselves here cause they don’t want us here.

With the new XXL cover featuring Kap G, do you feel like Latinos are going to recover the respect earned in the rap game by Big Pun, Fat Joe, Cuban Link, Frost, SPM, and other Latino rappers?
I got mad love for Kap G. I’ve been on the wave listening to Latino artists forever, you know as a person you just want to try and find your place. In the end the “Rap Game” is fugazi. There’s like a whole «you gotta be this or that», shit, people can’t even give the respect to rap as an ART. To answer your question I think that Kap G getting light is just bringing more attention and respect to LATINO’s being ARTISTIC in general. I got no respect for the rap game, and neither do most people so I couldn’t even answer that unbiased, if I wanted to.

Are you up to working with other indie Latino hip hop artists with the similar vibe as yourself like Dezzy Hollow (CA), OhNo(CA), MJ Apollo(San Antonio) and T2 Ghetto Hippie(Houston)? (I feel like if all of you released a track it would be dope ass fuck and help all of you)
I’m always down to make some good music. I would love to collab with any and all of them. Currently I do my own management which makes things extra complicated as I run my own commercial studio and film company. Plus the squad, I got no time for anything. But I’m always down to make good music.

I like «Sometimes», «Brown Bag», «Who’s That», and I love «Crook in Cop Lights» maybe because of the hook, since it has a dab of that screwed up music from Texas, but none of these videos have over 5k views, do you think people are sleeping on you? Or do you feel it’s just a matter of time?
I just think I haven’t been given real attention by people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve shown people music and videos and awhile later they get back to me like “YO that’s FIRE” and I’m just like “Word, thank you”. So it’s like a mix of everything. I don’t know how to market or promote. I’ve been doing this on my own with my friends since I was in middle school. After some years, like 5 or 6 years, I finally have been able to develop a system for my career. I’ve known since I was young I never wanted to be an artist just signed to a label, I knew I wanted to be an independent powerhouse with Total Creative Control. At the point I am now it really makes sense, and its starting to resonate. Right now its like I just finished manufacturing the product, and I’m currently creating the path to the eyes of the people in which they will be able to judge for themselves. Those songs got views honestly from being on Facebook everyday and trying to push hard but I realized that it mostly ends up pushing people away. So now I’m just focused on creating FIRE content and I’m trying to outsource the promotion and marketing.

I’m in Mexico and I’m enjoying your music not because you’re Latino, but because it’s great music! How does it feel to be recognized out of you’re demographic? We also have great rappers down here like Aleman, Gera MX, and Rollie Tx. I named them because of their age, would you ever consider working with rappers down here (Mexico)?
I love it. To be 100, I’ve always been looked at as an outcast. By my own people and all others, but I’m all about my heritage and culture. My ears are gauged to show people I’ve been through pain and trouble in my life and I’ve suffered, but ultimately I will get through it and past it. I totally would as long as the music’s good, to me FIRE is FIRE. Regardless if you believe it or not, if a fire burns you it BURNS you, so yeah I’m always down to make good music.

Where do you see yourself next year?
Next year, I see myself on radio interviews and on tour. Hopefully it won’t be all out of pocket and the team is thriving. We’re getting gigs easy and are starting to really develop a following but after this “996” tape, I think we’ll really get a buzz and people will be looking and reaching out to us more. (I’ll be here in a year to check on you, maybe build on this)

Anything you would like to say to anybody?
I would like to start by saying I love you; Mom & my daughter Kyeli Marie. I would also like to say to anyone listening; Life is what you make of it. If your looking for a cheat code I got one for you; Figure out the game of life (what you want to be doing on a daily basis), learn the laws and rules (to get away with things, one must first know the laws and rules in the way). Figure out whether you’re satisfied playing the game the way they want you to play it or you make your own lane (either learn to deal with someone else being the boss or BE YOUR OWN BOSS). You can make money doing anything, you just need to come up with the system.

An artist with a vision of what he is willing to give and sacrifice to make the best music he knows how. He knows there is a duality that resides within himself and how to utilize each half to express what he feels and lives through his music. He is a team player, who respects his team, people who work with him, fans, and most importantly himself, by not lying about anything that is a part of hip hop. He hopes to reach more people who are artistically inclined and are willing to give his style a chance. He feels he hasn’t reached people’s attention, well, you got mine and I believe in what you’re doing. I don’t interview just anyone, I look for artists like yourself (Kenny) who have that fire to succeed and want to make major moves, and patience because not everything happens overnight, even if we wanted it. Trust my opinion, I know talent and can pick up on artists who will be bigger than when I found them. If you feel Kenny’s vibe, you need to add him to your playlists. I don’t just play music, I make connections.

Kenny Can Be Reached Through All Social Media:

@Kayboogzz @9EyesBlind @Divine9Records