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Single Artwork King Bliss Money Mantra

Single Artwork King Bliss Money Mantra

King Bliss «Money Mantra» when words stack cheddar

King BlissWe get a cool visual from Toronto MC King Bliss on «Money Mantra», which is produced by Bes Kept of Full Circle, and we have to say it’s pretty fresh. Great concept to play all the characters to showcase what most of us will do to stack some chips, including the artist. Many people say that sometimes art imitates life, but on here we see that there wouldn’t be any art without the struggles the artist had to endure in real life. Money Mantra is the leading single off the album K.I.N.G., slew for release in 2017, so get ready for more great hip hop from The Six.

“After reflecting on how resourceful I had to become in times of financial hardship, I wanted to demonstrate that it is understandable to engage in risky activities for the sake of keeping your head above water. But (that) the ultimate objective is to swim off to your destination.» –King Bliss

This video is directed by Jesse Dart, the man is a genius and it shows throughout the video we are held captive by the clever way the visuals add to the song giving us a view we didn’t expect.

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