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Rippa Fokus Rippin’ Ur Attention With His Voice

Every once in awhile I come across a track where the feature grabs my attention, and that was what happened with Rippa Fokus. I got an email for a track called, «None of Yo Business» by Hicksboi featuring Rippa. Its a great track both artists did their thing and I had been vibing to Hicksboi for a few weeks now, so I took a look at Rippa. Made sure to reach out to him and see more of his work, and I like what I hear. I tried to find all of his music but some of it must have been taken down at sometime. I like to see how much an artist has evolved since they released their 1st projects. Who knows he might bring it back.

As soon as you hear, «yeah, yeah» you can feel his presence on the track, so vivid and alive that you can picture him present. The energy is strong and gets transferred across the wire to that part of the brain that wants to make you dance. It’s not just that either, the growl, and that Southern drawl that’s infectious, that you just enjoy it as it scratches across your eardrums. It’s enticing to put it simple! I always say I got them space joints, and Rippa’s music is why I say music is a drug, shit is addicting!


I asked Rippa for an interview because I’m always trying to put out fresh talent, talent that most people obsessed with the mainstream tend to overlook. The underground has so much to offer, but we’re so used to being told who to listen too, that we make less choices on our own judgement. I’m not telling you to listen to Rippa, I’m merely presenting you another option to what you already are missing. An option that once taken will be a whole lot better than some of the music you’re listening to.

Rippa gives off a vibe that you know him, that’s he approachable and not stand offish. I mean I can take your time describing him, but how about you get to know him a bit yourself.

How did the name Rippa Fokus come about? What were you doing? Is it something you came about or someone gave it to you?
I originally started off as lil ripper. I had a homie give me that name after I freestyle on a track he was like “You ripped that, that’s what we callin’ you now”. The Fokus part came from a group I use to be in while I was in high school with Kris Blaze and Raphaël two great creatives! When we stopped doin’ the group thing I kept the name.

How would you describe your music in 50 words or less?
Life! My music is to show people it’s, «ok» to be yourself! I make music to turn up to, but when you’re relaxing listening it such a real message in them!

Who were some major influences, that made you say, «Hey, I want to make music, this is something that I see myself doing»?
Andre 3000, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, TI, Biggie, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Kourtney Jackson.

When you write what are you doing to put that energy into the verses? Do you imagine the people’s reaction to what you say and how you say it, or is it just a gift you have that your energy, transfers over through the music?
Honestly it’s just the vibes when I feel somethin’ I write! Like I love how it feel it’s therapeutic so anytime I can get somethin’ off it just flows! Someone in the world has experienced what I’m sayin’ so I never worry if people will feel it cuz someone will!

Who besides the people you have worked with, would you like to have the opportunity of working with and why?
Man that list would be too long (he chuckles) but anyone with a creative mind. I love music so anyone who’s passion is crazy for it, I’ll work with. Just to name a few Pharrell, Frank Ocean, Pusha -T, 6lack, Rihanna, Kendrick, and J. Cole.

Who’s in your playlists right this minute?
Today has been a lot of Hickboi4real, Ebothacoolest, Raphaël, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, and Kourtney Jackson.

What is your best song, if you had to name one? Unfair question, give me your top 5 songs, that you feel if no one has ever heard of your music would convert them into a fan, or at the very least want to hear more of your music.
Top 5 no Order
Glass house
Right now
Ms. Jackson
None of yo business

I became a fan of yours because of a feature you had with Hicksboi, since then I stay watching what you release, so when can we expect the new album?
Soon very soon, I’m lookin’ first quarter next year!

When are you going to start touring?
2018 the world will get all of me.

Do you feel people in general are vibing with you? What else besides dropping joints and videos are you doing to reach fans?
I think I bring out a different energy in people! I believe that people talk to me and realize shit he’s a cool dude and a tad bit wise! I, however, really wanna touch the people! Anyway I can help be positive in the world, I’m with it!

How does it feel to see people react to your music at an event? I imagine everyone gets lit and starts dancing, am I wrong?
Oh, I will say this I run with a group of great performers! So if we go solo or together, wherever, you’re not gonna forget when you see us! The goal is to break the stage and make you feel every part of the show!

Anything you want to say to anyone?
I’d like to say thanks to you bro for giving me this opportunity to talk to the people! Go check out my boys #ESTMG!!!
Hicks gotta crazy project coming
Ebo bout to take a lot of niggas spot
Kris Blaze bout to supply the game with beats
Majik is about to put sauce in the game
Raphaël ain’t nothin’ to play with
V. Leroux is bout to show y’all what a woman is to this game
Ashliee Robert is the GOAT
Stay golden stay positive stay blessed, peace!!

He’s smart too, instead of hogging the spotlight he shared it with his crew/label making sure everyone involved gets known on this opportunity. I have seen what they’re doing on social media too, it’s something I recommend to labels who have a roster (the game is to be sold not told). I have seen Rippa and company out there turning up shows, I wish that I myself could attend one, but I’m confined to look at the world through the looking glass. This decision to make music takes people through a tough journey, if life is already hard, making music makes it harder. Rippa is a fierce individual, and like his moniker his focus is on the outcome he will achieve from putting out great music you will enjoy. Music that is not only «lit» but has a message that you can relate too, and making the experience so much more personal. And that is the gist of this, he sounds as if he’s only rapping for you and your attention. Give it back, hit any of the links embedded in this article enjoy great music and get to know some dope artists in the process. That’s not an order, just an option that wasn’t there before this journey started.

You can find Rippa Fokus across social media
Instagram: @Rippf
FB & Twitter: @RippaF